About Judy Belsky

Judy Belsky is a mixed media artist. She has lived in Jerusalem and Ramat Bet Shemesh since 1998. Her vivid watercolors and dynamic mixed media collage have been shown and sold privately in the U.S. and in Israel. As she interprets the visual text that is Jerusalem, its multi-tiered architecture and its ancient people spring to life. She paints both Biblical and contemporary scenes of Jewish life, merging the ancient and modern with mastery and joy. Her imagery is full of mystery and nuance. She is a poet and writer and clinical psychologist in private practice.

Judy Belsky awarded on the Gold List of Top Artist of Today

Judy Belsky Awarded Top Contemporary Artist of Today

"The Gold List in Art Market Magazine features a top list of the most talented, inspiring and promising artists operating in the world today, in our opinion."

I was recently honored and delighted to be chosen once again as a Gold List artist which is a juried choice in Art Market Magazine. It is always amazing to have your work chosen  in competition and displayed so beautifully in such a prestigious magazine. It appears at many international art shows and has a huge readership.When one's work is valued, this acts as a catalyst to expand the work. I look through the judges eyes and honor my work. Then I am energized to expand my previous boundaries.  That is what happened when I was chosen as a Gold List Artist in 2018. I am grateful for this honor.  I cannot wait to see what new horizons will happen next.